What is the Nanny Movement?

The Nanny Movement was born out of a deep passion for education and early childhood development. We acknowledge the fact that all parties present in a baby, toddler or child’s life need to be well informed and trained to reach the goal of a solid foundation in our children’s lives.

Imagine the impact on our society if we can change the way children are taken care of in their early years. We are passionate about designing workshops with relevant information about childcare, brain development and baby and child stimulation.

Our Mission

The Nanny Movement’s mission is to support, inspire and empower nannies, caregivers, teacher assistants and anyone looking to work with children in the early years, in the future. We also aim to source in professionals to provide training in all aspects of safety and first aid training regarding childcare in both home-based and centre-based facilities. The goal of Early Child Development (ECD) programs is to improve young children’s capacity to develop and learn, so we aim to bring this programs to you.

What we offer

Affordable, well-researched and highly relevant courses.

Providing a strong foundation of success and preparedness through our courses.

Create a culture of love and respect for each child as a unique individual.

Facilitate professionals and caregivers to create a warm, nurturing environment that serve the needs of the young child.

Develop skills in building collaborative relationships with children, their parents, and colleagues.

Create a life-long self-development platform.

Keep up to date with the latest programs and topics regarding early childhood development.

Broaden the field of expertise to empower anyone who is working with children in their early years.

Get in touch

Evette van den Berg | info@thenannymovement.co.za | +27 72 188 6378