What is Pienkvoet-Pret?

Pienkvoet-Pret has been offering comprehensive stimulation- and developmental classes since 2000 in order to promote the holistic development of your child.

Our aim is to give both moms or dads the opportunity to stimulate and enjoy their baby in a relaxed and playful environment. This gives parents a unique opportunity to spend quality time with their child.

Your baby’s first 1000 days are vitally important! This is where a child gains the building blocks that form the basis of a successful learning path.

David Feuerstein wisely said that every child needs a loving adult to unlock the world and give it meaning. Pienkvoet-Pret will show you how.

What makes Pienkvoet-Pret different?

The curriculum was developed by Anelia Prinsloo and is updated as new research brings new insights.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that our franchisees are chosen with the utmost care and forethought. Every franchisee is fully trained in our tried and tested curriculum. The attention, love and care that franchisees bring to our parents and children, make every Pienkvoet-Pret appointment a joyful and special occasion.

Our weekly classes are a highlight for moms and tots alike, as they share the exciting journey of their child’s development and growth.

Babies also have the opportunity to learn social skills in a safe and friendly environment alongside children of the same age. Our classes provide an excellent support network for parents – lifelong friendships are forged, not only amongst the young ones, but also between parents. After every class, our moms enjoy refreshments with other parents while the littlies engage in outside play with their Pienkvoet-Pret friends.

We subscribe to the age-old wisdom that “It takes a village to raise a child”.

What do we do at Pienkvoet-Pret?

Moms attend a 90-minute weekly class with their baby / toddler.

Classes are divided in 4 groups to ensure that age specific milestones are reached:

3-6 months

7-12 months

13 – 21 months

22 – 36 months

Every lesson includes fun activities and exercises to learn and master specific skills:

Gross and fine motor skills
Perceptual and intellectual activities
Sensory awareness
Music and movement
Listening skills
Rhymes and songs
Messy play
Introduction to and cultivating a love for books and reading
Baby massage
Story time and art activities for toddlers
Free play outside

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”

– Diane Ackerman