How children keep us young

How often have you found yourself saying ‘I’m too old for this!”? It’s as if these words are activated by a built-in self-defense mechanism to help us get out of situations we would prefer not to find ourselves in.

Children on the other hand cry because they want to do certain things they’re not ready for. They want to climb that ladder, they want to swim without armbands, they insist on jumping from the highest branch of the tree in the backyard.

Having children may be our species way of ensuring a next generation, but I believe it’s also an act of self-preservation. Yes, you see it may be that our young ones, in fact keep us young and help us live longer. Here are 3 ways children do this…

  1. Laughter

It’s absolutely infectious! A child’s laughter can brighten anyone’s day and turn any frown upside down in no time! Children just have a way of seeing the funny side in any situation (to many parents’ dismay). Some studies conducted in Japan and Norway suggest that laughter may help you live longer. The exact science has not been proven, but initial research suggests that laughter boosts the immune system that helps the body to fight off deadly diseases whilst others suggest that laughter may even reduce inflammatory processes in the human body that may lead to diseases in older adults. Even though the exact science does not exist, it seems that adults finally have an excuse to act silly and enjoy a good laugh with their little ones.

  1. Activity

The first five years of a child’s life is perhaps the most physically demanding time in any parent’s life. Carrying a baby, changing diapers, bathing, dressing, running after a busy toddler, playing hide and seek, playing catch– the days seem never-ending. The good news is that whilst everyone else is running around is spandex and working up a sweat, your body is getting some pretty decent exercise by just being a parent. Oh and did I mention that exercise not only keeps you younger, but has been proven to help you live longer? In fact, new research published in PLoS Medicine has placed a number on the benefits of physical exercise. The study found that 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week will extend your life by 3.4 years. If you consider that you walk your baby for at least 30 minutes a day to help him drift off into dreamland, you’re well on your way to a longer life!

  1. Positivity

 Whether you’re a parent or not, you’ll agree that children just see the world through different eyes. In fact, at times it seems that they only see the good, in everything. It must be what Peter Pan and his Merry Men had as well – the gift of positivity. Spending more time with children definitely helps one to feel younger at heart. Coincidentally, it seems that the saying “you’re only as old as you feel” is entirely accurate! Research conducted by a group of scientists at Harvard University suggests that people who feel younger at heart in fact live longer. So there you have it, another reason to spend more time with your little one!

Pienkvoet-Pret’s weekly classes are the perfect opportunity to have a good laugh, get active and be surrounded by the positivity of little ones. All whilst spending some quality time with your child. Contact your nearest franchise today to book your first lesson.


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